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I am so tired. I worked a long day today at the vet, but at least my paycheck ought to be nice. :) I am done with the transaction contest at work. I did the best that I could, and after a while I will find out whether or not I have won. I am a wreck. I am so tired all the time. Charles and I have been watching "Shogun" on DVD, but I am really behind cause I keep falling asleep and then I regret sleeping. Oftentimes I can't remember driving home from Charles's house. I also tend to fall asleep and then people try to talk to me.... yesterday I think I asked Charles to "move my kek so Frodo wouldn't touch it" KEK? He was rather confused. I was confused, too. (it turned out that what I *meant* was to move my leg cause Frodo had fallen asleep on it...) In the past week, I busted my lip, got bitten by two dogs at work, and cut my finger with a big serrated (?) knife while cutting chocolate. Need... sleep.....
But despite being tired, I am very happy. I don't like working so much, but everyone else has been too busy to hang out, so I am not missing out on much, and the money will really help with my credit card situation. Let's not think about that...
Hey, Sharon, I have a Tori question. She sings in "Jackie's Strength" about Anorexia. Did Tori ever have an eating disorder? I want a career in treating eating disorders so i thought it was interesting.
Also, a big congrats to everyone that is getting married. Let's see.... I can think of 8 friends off the top of my head... 4 pairs of friends that are getting married. I just wanted to say hey.
Have a good evening, everyone!
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