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I am so tired. I worked a long day today at the vet, but at least my paycheck ought to be nice. :) I am done with the transaction contest at work. I did the best that I could, and after a while I will find out whether or not I have won. I am a wreck. I am so tired all the time. Charles and I have been watching "Shogun" on DVD, but I am really behind cause I keep falling asleep and then I regret sleeping. Oftentimes I can't remember driving home from Charles's house. I also tend to fall asleep and then people try to talk to me.... yesterday I think I asked Charles to "move my kek so Frodo wouldn't touch it" KEK? He was rather confused. I was confused, too. (it turned out that what I *meant* was to move my leg cause Frodo had fallen asleep on it...) In the past week, I busted my lip, got bitten by two dogs at work, and cut my finger with a big serrated (?) knife while cutting chocolate. Need... sleep.....
But despite being tired, I am very happy. I don't like working so much, but everyone else has been too busy to hang out, so I am not missing out on much, and the money will really help with my credit card situation. Let's not think about that...
Hey, Sharon, I have a Tori question. She sings in "Jackie's Strength" about Anorexia. Did Tori ever have an eating disorder? I want a career in treating eating disorders so i thought it was interesting.
Also, a big congrats to everyone that is getting married. Let's see.... I can think of 8 friends off the top of my head... 4 pairs of friends that are getting married. I just wanted to say hey.
Have a good evening, everyone!
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I'm sorry to hear how sleepy you've been. It's got to be really tough working two jobs like you are. :/ I hope things go well for you though so you can cut back to just one soon. Working as much as you are you really shouldn't be hanging out hardly at all so you can get more sleep. :(

Thanks for the congrats on Sharon and my engagement too. :) I was going to show you some of the places we are looking at for the ceremony tonight, but I think you needed the sleep more than anything. Maybe next time? Now go get some sleep!
I'm so excited!!!
Thanks for the concern, but if I didn't hang out, all I would do is work, eat, and sleep. I need the hanging out to remind me that there is more to life. )
I want to see the places for the ceremony! Show me! Show me!! :)
Thank you so much. =) I will be living in Knoxville. Yay!!!

Tori likes to eat to much. She hasn't had an eating disorder. There is this great website. it gives song lyrics and quotes Tori has said about the song.

“Jackie’s Strength is really... I was asked to get married, right? And um I was quite nervous because I never thought I’d get married before. It just wasn’t something that I was gonna do. Even though I believe in monogamy, just having the church and state condone my union wasn’t important to me. And in fact, I really didn’t want that. So, when he asked me, it brought up, obviously, a lot of things. And I started going back in my little movie in my head, different moments of my life. And I remember my mother telling me that the day Kennedy died, John F. Kennedy, that she put me down, she had to lay me down because her heart started to slow down and she couldn’t breathe. And um, all she thought of was Jackie and the strength that it would take Jackie to lead the nation.. which she did. And I really knew that I was gonna need some kind of strength because I’m made up of like two personalities. There’s one side of me that could very easily have ended up at the 7-Eleven sitting outside drinking a Slurpee in my wedding dress and just missing the whole thing. And then there’s the other one that did make it to the church. So, this song is about the one that drank the Slurpee. She’s still out there somewhere.” [VH1 Storytellers - October 24, 1998]

“This wonderful boy had asked me to marry him, and of course I said yes, but I was shocked. You know, there was a part of me that had sworn that would never happen. You fantasize about what it would be like on that day, and then you fantasize about never having that day. Then you’re a vigilante and you will never have it. Then, all of a sudden, there it is, and you’re wondering, ‘Are we going to make it? Half of all marriages end in divorce. Is that us?’ That was all going on as I got lost on my wedding day.” [Alternative Press - July 1998]

“We I knew I was getting married, and all those feelings were coming up, sort of flashbacks of your life. So when I saw this tiny book on Jackie’s life at a book store in an airport I just picked it up, and when I saw the picture of her as a bride... and then turned the page and saw the picture of her when JFK got shot, it really spoke to me about how fast your life can change, at the turn of a page. I really didn’t know how I was going to react on my wedding day when I wrote this song. A part of me could see myself getting lost, going to a 7-Eleven and having a Slurpee all day... This song is about a girl getting lost on her wedding day. I happened to show up at the church for mine in real life. But a 7-Eleven did cross my mind.” [Yahoo Online Chat - August 5, 1998]

“She [Jackie O’Nassis Kennedy] had a kind of grace and inner strength that few people have. More than anything, it was her sense of grace, which I didn’t think I would have as I was coming nearer to my wedding day. A part of me really wanted to do it; another part of me could see myself in flashback to my whole life having said I would never do it, because I would never go in front of church and state and do such a thing. In the end, it didn’t become about that; it became about, ‘this is somebody that I love’... A part of me could see myself in this wedding dress sitting at 7-Eleven on the curb, having a Slurpee and missing the whole thing. Not because I wanted to, but just because I’m still frozen in a piece of film somewhere when I was 18 and that was my outlook on life. So ‘Jackie’s Strength’ was written about the girl that went to the 7-Eleven; I went and got married... It’s a pretty sacred day, and yet it can go so horribly wrong. Mine went right, but I think because I wrote the song. I let my alter ego go exist and live and be [in the song], so she didn’t have to do it in front of everybody else. That’s where songs come in handy: You don’t pretend that this side doesn’t exist, so it doesn’t have to become so vulgar, in 3-D.” [New Orleans Times - October 9, 1998]

Looks like Jackie's Strength is a pretty relevant song right now. ;)
Eh... iie, Anna-chan to inakereba-narismasen ka. Hai, so to iumashou ne. Dewa, Anna-chan wa motto mo nemashou ne. Kore wa ii deshou. Arubaito wa takusan shinakerebanarimasu. Eto... ore wa Nihongo o heta hanasemasu.

So, vielleicht soll ich nur Deutsch schreiben? Aber ich kann Deutsch auch nicht so gut schreiben. Leider... Anna sollte nicht so viel arbeiten. Sie sollte mehr schlafen weil schlafen gut ist. Und ich? Ich sollte arbeiten so Anna muss nicht. Ja, genug, noch gehe ich!


James and I can collaborate to figure out what that just said, for right now I can only translate the german half.

"Or perhaps i should just right in German? But I can't write as well in German. Ah well... Anna shouldn't work so much. She should sleep, 'cause sleep is good. And me? I should work so Anna won't have to. Ok, enough, I'm going now!"

Meh-heh-heh, I feel like I've broken Ultra 7!
Thank you for the translation. Can one of you Japanese speakers help with the rest? James? Gyopi? Anyone? ;)
Thanks! You are so sweet... I think. ;) The two jobs isn't all that bad, I think it is just that there aren't enough hours in the day to do everything that I want to do. It will be nice to quit one job, but the money does help, and I love animals. No worries... Hakuna Matata. I just thought it funny that I asked you to move my kek. ;)
I miss Japanese. ;_; It was cool working for that Japanese company over the summer. *sigh* Anna you still doing okay with 2 jobs now? I agree that I should not have 2 part time jobs AND school, but I LOVE lifeway and I need this other job. :/ ^_^ It will all work out though, it always does eh?
OOOHhhhhh poopie!!! U had to write this in japanese ANDDDDD germannnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! dang it!
Bitten by two dogs? Eep...guess you are in a good place to know if they are healty or not!
They have to have had their shots in order to board there. Hey, where in Knoxville are you?
I'm in Karns, but work in Sequoyah Hills. What about you?
Farragut- nonsnob section. ;) I work in Farragut at First Tennessee. :)

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