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Today i learned that i had majorly hurt someone's feeling and gotten someone in trouble. :( I am really sorry. :( for the most part things had been going ok, but there is lots of stress. Got a REALLY nice offer to go back to something I loved to do, but I don't know how I can negotiate my other time and financial commitments to allow it. Things at work (job #1) are complicated by the fact that i have a chance to make a nice achievement, yet some coworkers feel it is unfair, so they are trying to ruin things for me. I am actually proud of what I have accomplished at the bank, and I am excited at the prospect of some recognition for it, but now that it has upset some people, I just wanna walk away.
Today we saw Timeline and it was really good. very enjoyable, IMHO. I can't wait for RotK, though... that is where my anticipation is. :)
I have a few friends left to shop for, but I bought Charles a present today. :) and i made a donation to get it wrapped nicely, so it won't look like crap. I am the worst gift-wrapper ever, and if my presents are placed within 50 feet of Sharon's beautiful presents I may die of shame... I am serious, mine suck that badly. ;) but at least I am well on my way with shopping! :) things are mostly good, and I am mostly happy. btw, the last episode of Degrassi was AWESOME- all about Ellie! :)
OK, that is all for now, I guess. Sorry to ramble. Everyone have a good night!
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