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Hello world!

Hi to everyone. Some of you I feel like I haven't seen in awhile. (*Jonna*) I am working on my Christmas shopping, and I have done some shopping online. For those of you whose gifts I bought online, I want to apologize ahead of time if they are late. I did the best I could. :/ I hope people like their gifts. I wish that Charles and I could buy stuff for everyone, but despite my second job (which I just majorly cut back on, btw) I still don't have any money.
Today I got called in to work at the Powell branch of First Tennessee. While I was there, another branch was getting robbed! So exciting! This week I re-take the GRE. I need to study more. I think I'll go do some after I get off of here. I have Wednesday and Thursday off work, too. I have the test on Thursday, and I was supposed to be off work on Friday as well, but I am sacrificing one vacation day in order to try and boost my transactions. If I can do a TON of transactions then I might win the contest at work. If that happens, Charles and I will go to Nashville for a little awards ceremony, and the bank will pay for the hotel and at least one free meal. Some other people from my branch are going, so I hope I win!
Then on Saturday night is the Christmas party for work. It is at an inconvenient time, but it will only last an hour or two, so Charles and i will still get to go do fun stuff.
Well, I mostly just wanted to say hi to people. I want to talk to Shay sometime, but I don't want to call cause I am afraid to wake him. Ah well, I am gonna go study a little. Everyone have a great night! :)
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