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Christmas time!

I am so excited.:) The Christmas season is always kinda emotionally charged for me. Ben's got his tree and garlands up though, which is most impressive. :) I dunno if we'll have a tree at home this year or not- sometimes we do, sometimes we don't.
Today I overslept. I have NEVER overslept to the point that I was late to where I was going.... except today. I had to be at the vet's at 8 am. When did i wake up? about 8:30. Talk about anxiety! :/ Poor anna. i felt so bad. :( I hate being late. i hate being irresponsible. My boss wasn't TOO mad though. we have been really really busy at the vet cause of animals not getting picked up from Thanksgiving stayovers. blar. but hey, who cares? i am making money for CHRISTMAS SHOPPING. fa la la la la. la la la la.
btw, Gyopi, why have you stopped posting? everyone needs to post more! come on, everybody!!!
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